Magdalena Peach

Welcome to Mag Peach

Since its conception, Magdalena Peach has had a goal of providing unique wearable art inspired by taking aim at the products of war, politics, and religion and twisting them in an effort to provoke thought and discussion. Our products are controversial and bold.

Magdalena Peach is the product of a series of significant, personal, life changing events combined with ongoing feelings of disappointment with politics, religion, and world events. I believe that expressive artwork can inspire meaningful written and spoken words instead of the constant noise that is forced on us daily thru mainstream media and conventional “wisdom”.

After our first few creations, it became very clear to me that I was not alone in my disdain for my subject matter. Therefore, more creations followed. And, what you see now, and in the future, is and will be the driving force behind Magdalena Peach.

I invite you to join me in a quest to raise awareness and resist the status quo by yelling without saying a word, inspire thought, and provoke movement.

Kyle Fagan

Bone Yard/Mag Peach/Hooligan Photo shoot